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Improved beekeeping radio series makes waves in Ethiopia

IPMS logoIn 2011, Farm Radio International conducted a Participatory Agricultural Radio Series (PARS) related to two of the commodity value chains of the Improving the Productivity and Marketing Success (IPMS) project of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The series focused on apiculture in the Tigray region, and on fruit tree production in Sidama region.

The PARS was implemented as a weekly series of 6 episodes of 30-minute radio programs related to some aspect of the apiculture value chains. Planned with input from and the participation of intended beneficiaries, the PARS engages farmers as central players to design, develop and implement a series of radio programs around an agricultural practice they deem essential to their livelihoods and overall food security.

The assessment report is here.

Here you will find the six episode program in ‘Tigrigna’ language on improved beekeeping in Tigray, Ethiopia with transcription in English:

Experience of farmers who use improved beekeeping practices for increased honey production [Tigrigna] [Track 1]

Beekeeping colony splitting, transfer and management [Tigrigna] [Track 2]

Honey marketing [Tigrigna] [Track 3]

Clean honey harvesting [Tigrigna] [Track 4]

Expert and farmer interview on beehive management [Tigrigna] [Track 5]

Audience feedback on the five week participatory radio series on improved beekeeping [Tigrigna] [Track 6]

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