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Livestock and mobile technology: Livestock live talk at ILRI on 11 December 2012

Su Kahumbu, a Kenyan social entrepreneur (TED Global Fellow 2010) and  2010 winner of Apps4Africa award for the  the iCow application, a cow management platform that helps small-scale farmers manage their dairy cows, will give a presentation on ‘livestock and mobile technology’ at the ILRI Nairobi campus John Vercoe Auditorium, on 11 December 2012, from 1500-1600 hours.

View the event announcement:

The iCow app allows subscribed dairy farmers to input information on their livestock and they receive information through the application on feeding practices, disease control, gestation, health and other livestock related issues. With iCow, farmers are also able to keep and track records on each of their animals. Most of this information is delivered through SMS, but farmers may also call and speak to iCow customer care representatives.

Kahumbu is passionate about promoting organic agriculture which includes the distribution of information to farmers nationally through print and radio, as well as over the Internet in a program funded by the Biovision Foundation. The foundation has recently launched a farmer communication program that will use mobile phone technology to deliver information to farmers.

Join the live presentation of this seminar online :

Livestock live talks’ is a seminar series at ILRI that aims to address livestock-related issues, mobilize external as well as in-house expertise and audiences and engage the livestock community around interdisciplinary conversations that ask hard questions and seek to refine current research concepts and practices.

All ILRI staff, partners and donors, and interested outsiders are invited. Those non-staff who would want to come, please contact Angeline Nekesa at a.nekesa[at] (or via ILRI switchboard 020 422 3000) to let her know. If you would like to give one of these seminars, or have someone you would like to recommend, please contact Silvia Silvestri at s.silvestri[at] (or via ILRI switchboard 020 422 3000).

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