E-conference to take stock and prioritize research on sustainable grasslands

Grasslands are versatile and multifunctional landscapes, providing a range of ecosystems goods and services for human benefit. To further develop grassland-based models, together with the broader spectrum of grasslands research interests, a stocktaking of the current state of grasslands knowledge is desperately needed.

From 2-30 September 2013, FAO convenes an E-Conference on Sustainable Grasslands. One immediate objective is to gather scattered scientific information, identify key data gaps and prioritize future research. Moreover, we believe the time has come to build a framework of international guidelines for sustainable grassland management.

Through this E-Conference, we wish to both bridge knowledge gaps and share best practices between grasslands experts, practitioners and stakeholders from different agro-ecological regions.

To participate:

Several ILRI and CGIAR colleagues will attend the 22nd International Grasslands Congress in Australia in September 2013.

One thought on “E-conference to take stock and prioritize research on sustainable grasslands

  1. Animals are a part of our production system weather it is for milk or for mutton purpose. They support the framer monetarily in time of distress. Now a days with reduction in grass land cover and with increasing population of cattle, it is becoming difficult to provide required amount of fodder to the cattle. The village grasslands are grabbed by industrialist or by the builders.The part solution to the problem can be to go in for cropping system approach where cattle should form of a system.

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