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Mainstreaming livestock value chains: Conference to discuss bridging research gaps between households and policies

Sheep foraging in Tamale market

Research into developing country livestock systems is primarily micro-economic and sectoral with limited interaction with formal multi-market and macro-economic models. This results in analysis and advocacy that are frequently not linked to broader formal policy models nor to the workings of public policy and the international trading environment.

On 5 and 6 November 2013, the International Livestock Research Institute convenes a conference in Accra Ghana to discuss ‘mainstreaming livestock value chains.’ It will look at experiences and approaches to bridge research gaps between household analysis and policy modeling.

The conference aims to:

  1. establish strong and functional linkages between livestock value chain and impact analysis on the one hand and sectoral, general equilibrium, and other economic modelling on the other.
  1. identify and advocate pro-poor livestock policy as it emerges from existing analysis

Participants from research or development agencies with an interest in the empirical specification of agricultural policy are encouraged to attend.

For registration and further information contact: Dolapo Enahoro (d.enahoro@cgiar.org)

Confirmed speakers and presentations include:

  • “Livestock in development: challenges in policy advocacy and the role of economic analysis” – D. Baker
  • “The application of microeconomic and value chain analyses in ex ante multi-market modelling and implications for policy analysis and advocacy: a synthesis of views” – D. Enahoro
  • “How pastoralists perceive and respond to market opportunities: The case of the Horn of Africa” – P. Little
    “Measurement of competitiveness in smallholder livestock systems and emerging policy advocacy: an application to Botswana” – P. Malope, S. Bahta
  • “Economic analysis of non-livestock production in agro-pastoral areas: The peanut value chain in the Ferlo (Senegalese Sahel)” – A. Wane, I. Toure, A. D. Mballo, C. I. Nokho, A. Konaté
  • “Understanding gender relations in livestock value chains” – M. Mboo-Tchouawou
  • “Analysis of animal health interventions for policy analysis and advocacy” – M. Fadiga, H. Katjiuongua
  • “Application of an agricultural sector model to the assessment of advances in animal health and livestock feed technologies” – D. Enahoro
  • “Incorporating micro-level data in multi-market CGE: the case of livestock in Africa” – C. Kuhlgatz
  • “From global economic modelling to household level analyses of food security and sustainability: How big is the gap” – M. van Wijk
  • “Effects of climate change on feed availability and the implications for the livestock sector” – P. Havlik
  • “Integrating livestock into agricultural multi-market models: The example of IMPACT” – S. Msangi, D. Enahoro, M. Herrero

The conference is supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets

2 thoughts on “Mainstreaming livestock value chains: Conference to discuss bridging research gaps between households and policies

  1. I have been looking forward to a conference of this nature. Most conferences on value chain are focused on crop production. This is a very good start for improvement and development in the animal agriculture sub sector.

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