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German SES expert supports ILRI Addis Ababa genebank

Evelyn Möller training Genebank staff In 2012, ILRI’s Forage Diversity team hosted Senior Experten Service – SES scientist Evelyn Möller. Since then, she has visited Addis Ababa 3 times (Nov-Dec 2012; April – May 2013 and Nov-Dec 2013).

Her assignment was to help ILRI improve the quality control of its genebank laboratories, more specifically regarding plant health diagnostic techniques and procedures, including ELISA diagnostics, DNA and RNA extraction from forage leaves as well as PCR and real time PCR techniques.

What does SES offer?

SES offers interested retirees the opportunity to pass on their skills and knowledge to others, both within Germany and abroad. They work in a voluntary capacity as Senior Experts, helping to train both specialist workers and management staff.

They help others to help themselves – an important contribution towards safeguarding a small slice of the future. It is a system that benefits all parties. The duration of these assignments ranges usually from three to six weeks; the maximum duration is six months.

A Senior Expert can be requested for follow-up assignments – to ensure the sustainability of his or her work.

Dr. Evelyn Moller training Genebank staff
Evelyn Möller training ILRI genebank staff, December 2013.

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