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Improving the N’Dama cattle breeding program of The Gambia

This document by Karen Marshall and Leo Dempfle was released by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in December 2013.

The document is designed to assist countries involved in the project ‘Sustainable Management of Globally Significant Endemic Ruminant Livestock in West Africa’ (PROGEBE)’ to develop plans for N’Dama cattle within their breed improvement programs, following the 3-tier (nucleus/multiplier/commercial) model of The Gambia. The document proceeds as follows:

  • First some background information is given including the broad steps to developing an animal breeding program (based on FAO 2010), as well as a basic overview of a 3-tier breeding program.
  • Second, The Gambia breeding program is described from both a historical perspective and in terms of its current activities.
  • Third, detailed guidelines are given in relation to the replication/improvement of the breeding program, with a number of specific recommendations made.

Finally, issues which will be critical to the success of the program—including human capacity, breeding program sustainability, and scale of operation—are discussed in some detail.

Download the full report

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