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Developing capacities to address gender in agricultural projects in Ethiopia

Participants at Africa RISING gender capacity development workshop

Workshop participants

From 18-20 August, the Africa RISING project in Ethiopia joined forces with the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish to hold a gender training for staff and partners in both projects.

The workshop aimed to introduce workshop participants to:

  • Different concepts of gender and the importance of integrating gender issues in agriculture
  • Basic tools and techniques for conducting gender analysis in agricultural development work
  • Gendered approach to assessing agricultural value chains
  • Different gender energizers that can introduce gender issues
  • Participatory communication strategies that address gender issues

Participants attended from agricultural research institutes at national and regional level, Bureaus of Agriculture (at Woreda level), universities, the Ministry of Agriculture and NGOs.

Pre and post workshop evaluations were very positive. They stressed the excitement and interest in learning practical ways to integrate gender from exercises and tools that were shared in the workshop. They also appreciated the diverse backgrounds of the participants, the ease with which the facilitators shared their knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences, and the fun, interactive ways to engage communities and colleagues in discussing a sensitive topic.

Participants expressed their needs for further support in their daily work, punctuated by further trainings to deepen skills in gender analysis and communication, to exchange ideas and learn from one another, as well as to learn about emerging new ideas and approaches to gender.

Areas to work on included:

  • Greater depth in understanding of gender-related concepts.
  • Elaboration and use of gender indicators.
  • Learning about new gender tools and approaches.
  • Incorporation of participatory approaches.
  • Integrating gender in the project cycle.
  • Need to capacitate teams, rather than individuals.

The workshop was led by Kathy Colversion and Annet Mulema with inputs from ILRI’s capacity development unit

Based on a story by Tigist Endashaw

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