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Agricultural students East Africa conference in Kenya: November 27–29, 2014

The International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) holds an East Africa Conference in November 2014.

It provides a unique opportunity for you to get in touch with IAAS, the International Association of Students in Agricultural and related sciences. By actively joining IAAS you can engage yourself on international level, attend local or international events organised by other IAAS members and you can meet many (international) students who study all in the same field and thus share the same interest.

Are you ready to exchange experiences and work together to improve the agriculture of tomorrow ?!

Only with the input of the engagement of you, a motivated student, IAAS can keep offering all the great opportunities we’re offering now to the more than 10.000 members all across the globe.

During this professional conference you will be able to learn from the knowledge of innovative speakers, to learn more about IAAS and finally also to improve your own skills.
We are looking forward to a great conference and hope on your active participation!

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