IDRC recruiting senior program specialists on livestock health and vaccine development

The Agriculture and Food Security Program at the International Development Research Centre is expanding its programming with a new 5.5 year, CAD 60 million initiative providing global leadership in research for livestock vaccines affecting Africa and Asia.

It will provide funding for research to develop and improve vaccines utilizing the latest scientific tools, as well as for engineering and repurposing vaccines for multiple needs, settings and underserved markets, particularly targeting neglected diseases. It will fund innovations in product development and delivery, particularly through private sector collaboration, to bring newly developed and enhanced vaccines to market. And it will find ways for vaccines to be part of effective veterinary extension systems by catalysing the private and public institutions, markets and information systems that are necessary to manufacture, distribute, increase access and use vaccines as important tools in wider livestock health and productivity improvement programs in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

IDRC is looking for two Senior Program Specialists to join this new initiative. One position will be based in Ottawa, Canada and the second in Nairobi, Kenya. In the concurrent recruitment for these positions the final decision regarding the location (in Ottawa or Nairobi) will be made depending on the experience level of selected candidates.

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