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Cassava processors visit ILRI cassava peel processing unit in Nigeria

Cassava processors – trying hands at the machines

Cassava processors – trying hands at the machines

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) research in Nigeria has resulted in shorter drying times of cassava peels from 3 days to about six sunshine hours. Two new products (feed ingredients) have been developed and are being standardized.

As we have started growing in confidence regarding the innovation, we invited representatives of a garri processing centre to visit the ILRI cassava peel processing factory.

The seven visitors came from a garri processing centre with 68 processing units with a daily capacity of more than 130 tonnes of cassava tubers. The team was taken around the processing unit and the various operations involved in the processing of peels – grating, de-watering through hydraulic press, sieving and pelleting were demonstrated.

They were excited and spontaneously went hands-on as they were already familiar with the equipment and processes – the main difference being the raw material and the end product. They expressed their willingness to take up the processing at their location with the group’s own resources and requested technical assistance in processing and marketing the processed peels.

Cassava processing unit interacting with the staff

Cassava processing unit interacting with visitors

Once the industry is assured of a regular supply of quality product through the cassava processors, partnering the cassava producers with the feed industry would be a mutually beneficial relationship and ILRI will play a major role in catalyzing this partnership. Further discussion on how this partnership would be forged will continue (after the elections – end of February or early March 2015).

Story by: Anadan  Samireddypalle

5 thoughts on “Cassava processors visit ILRI cassava peel processing unit in Nigeria

  1. I need to visit ILRI for more insights and taking it further …. that is Animal Feed Products as a Business linking Ruminant Farmers for Fattening.
    My line …. 0909-053-5944
    Av just recently exited from GEMS-1, Supports for Meat and Leather Industry as a Business Development Officer on Feed Finishing and Meat Processing.
    NB. Am Ibadan.

  2. My Name is Kolapo Moradeyo, I also need more information about the Cassava Peel Transformation into Ruminant Feeds, Also the Final products Cost per 50Kilogram Bags… My Number is 08023980233 same as Whatup Number. Regards

  3. Sir, I’m very much interested of this feed processing, I will very grateful if I can be part of it. Thanks for understanding
    Call line 08038416509

  4. Sir, thank you for your program,please keep it up, am interesting in site visit and training for the cassava peels processing for animal feed. I will like you to link me with your company or any of the farm.Thanks from Okwuosa Afam. Phone no 08038160310

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