Pastoralism and the green economy

A study by IUCN and UNEP argies that “pastoralism—extensive livestock production in the rangelands—is one of the most sustainablefood systems on the planet. Pastoralists safeguard natural capital in more than a quarter of the world’s land area. Pastoralism is both a livestock management system and a way of life that provides globally important ecosystem services, which are enjoyed far beyond the boundaries of the rangelands.”

The study Pastoralism and the Green Economy – a natural nexus? focuses on pastoralism’s current and future potential to secure sustainable management and green-economy outcomes from the world’s rangelands. The book explores:

  • the contribution of pastoralism to maintaining natural capital
  • pastoralism’s resource efficiency and sustainable production in highly variable dryland environments
  • the conditions that enable pastoralism to deliver on its green-economy potential.

Download the full report

Download the policy brief

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