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CGIAR is recruiting an executive director

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CGIAR is the leading global partnership for research and development for sustainable agri-food systems in developing countries. It has three overarching goals:

  • achieve and maintain global food security
  • improve nutrition
  • reduce rural poverty

The CGIAR contributors agreed in 2015 to bring the CGIAR System under a unified structure. The CGIAR System Office of the new organization will be located in Montpellier, France.

The CGIAR System Office will be led by an executive director possessing a combination of a collaborative, thoughtful leadership style, diplomatic skill, exemplary judgment and a track record of developing consensus through trust and relationship-building. S/he will also need to be a strong manager, capable of building a team to provide effective and efficient support for the CGIAR System while facilitating a culture of collaboration and partnership with the CGIAR research centres in alignment with the CGIAR System’s goals and incentives.

The executive director will be appointed by, and report to, the CGIAR System Council and its chair.

The successful candidate will be an established actor at the international level with name recognition and proven ability to convene and engage with government and CGIAR centre leaders and other key stakeholders in global agricultural research and sustainable development. S/he will also have a reputation for thoughtful, solutions-oriented approaches and demonstrable competence in coordinating an effective and responsive partnership of independently governed entities, building strong collaborations, mobilizing resources and delivering results.

A full position description will be sent upon receipt of nominations or expressions of interest to The deadline is 15 March 2016.

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