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Top 10 viewed ILRI Clippings blog articles of 2016

Take a look below at the top ten viewed
articles published in 2016 on the ILRI Clippings blog.

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Brachiaria: The ‘wonder grass’ that could transform African dairy, 14 Jun 2016



First map of smallholder farms in the developing world: They produce more than half the planet’s food calories, 13 Dec 2016



Why Melinda and Bill Gates are betting big on chickens (hint: ‘the ATM of the poor’), 8 Jun 2016



‘The Abundant Herds’ and the poetry of Zulu cattle naming, 9 Jan 2016



‘Desertification’—A timely synthesis of three decades of evidence that this topic has (long) passed its sell-by date, 27 Jul 2016



Easing bottlenecks to uptake of dairy farming in western Kenya, 4 Jul 2016



Breaking the devastating impacts of drought in the Horn of Africa—Kenyan wins global agricultural research award, 31 Aug 2016



Out of Africa genetics: How the giraffe got its long neck (and other biological curiosities and exuberances), 27 May 2016



Food prize puts Kenyan researcher on global map—Kenya’s ‘Business Daily’ newspaper, 2 Sep 2016



Ephraim Mukisira appointed chair of Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa board, 29 Jun 2016

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