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Boosting livestock density could cut biofuel impact

Brazil has plans to increase its production of biofuels over the next ten years. But, although Brazilian sugarcane is currently one of the best raw materials for producing biofuels with low greenhouse-gas emissions, there are concerns that land-use changes caused by expanding biofuel plantations could mar this good performance. With that in mind, a team … Continue reading

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Climate change: Cattle, the ignored predator

Because of its effect on the environment, cattle must be given the same priority in global agendas as nuclear weapons, wars and, in particular, climate change, says Brazilian activist João Meirelles Filho, author of two books on Amazon deforestation. Cattle farming in Brazil is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, as it is responsible … Continue reading

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Key to Brazil’s deforestation may be in its cows, pastures

At an experimental government farm in the western Amazon’s Rondonia state, researchers analyze grass seeds under microscopes, shake soil samples in test tubes, and measure the milk production of a new breed of cows. While high-profile police raids targeting illegal ranchers and loggers in the Amazon grab more headlines, these scientists may produce a more … Continue reading