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Making grass greener: CIAT breeds tropical pasture that suppresses greenhouse gas emissions

Guillermo Sotelo of CIAT’s entomology team, working with brachiaria grass in a greenhouse at the institution’s headquarters in Colombia (picture credit: CIAT/Neil Palmer). ‘. . . On 13 September, researchers announced that they have bred a tropical pasture grass that can significantly suppress greenhouse-gas emissions. The team, from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) … Continue reading

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New consortium to quantify Latin American cattle greenhouse gas emissions

Some of Latin America’s major cattle-producing countries will begin working as a team in 2011 to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions from their bovine industry—and to come up with options for reducing them. The planned consortium, made up of scientists from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Uruguay, was selected to receive financing from FONTAGRO … Continue reading

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Colombia tests forage crops against climate change

Colombia, with 24 million head of cattle, is showcasing two advances towards reducing the 13 percent of climate-changing gas emissions attributed to livestock production around the world. The key words in this endeavour: brachialactone and Lotus uliginosus. Brachialactone, a chemical compound discovered in this Andean country on the roots of the African Brachiaria humidicola, gives … Continue reading