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Molecular study makes a difference to guinea pig producers in eastern Congo

Domestic cavies (or guinea pigs) provide a high-quality meat source with high levels of protein in similar quantity as chicken meat. Here, Brigitte Maass explains how an innovation platform linking cavy producers and other organizations is helping to bridge molecular science with livestock production. An Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund (ACBF) project (led by the BecA-ILRI … Continue reading

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A livestock plague is killing Congo’s goats and sheep

Goat and people share a road in Goma, DRC (photo on Flickr by Robert Guerra). Voice of America is reporting on a new livestock epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The highly contagious viral disease is known as ‘peste des petits ruminants’, or PPR for short, sometimes as ‘ovine rinderpest’, and more … Continue reading

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Guinea pigs for African tables? A ‘Cavy Innovation Platform’ is set up in Cameroon

Cavies (aka guinea pigs) in a special pig pantry off the side of a kitchen in Peru (photo on Flickr by Emile Hardman/QuintanaRoo). Could guinea pigs be a new protein source in Africa? In a special report  on ‘Solutions for a hungry world’ by AlertNet, Emma Batha describes how the raising of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus), also called … Continue reading

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Guinea pigs to help ease DRC food crisis – scientists

Scientists are examining how to increase guinea pig production to boost food security in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where inhabitants keep the rodents as “micro-livestock”. The researchers were originally puzzled to find guinea pigs in the DRC at all. Read more … (afrol news) CIAT Blog Continue reading