American agricultural economist Steve Staal leads livestock policy, trade and value chain research at ILRI
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American agricultural economist Steve Staal leads livestock policy, trade and value chain research at ILRI

Steve Staal, who for the past 15 months has served the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Los Baños, the Philippines, as regional representative for East and South Asia, this month takes up leadership of ILRI’s Policy, Trade and Value Chains program and is now based in Nairobi. Continue reading

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New livestock maps pinpoint ‘danger zones’ for possible spread of deadly H7N9 strain of bird flu

A recent paper that maps the global distributions of the world’s major livestock species has already been used to advance understanding of where surveillance efforts should be targeted to prevent the possible spread of a lethal bird flu virus now circulating in poultry populations in China, where it has killed 62 people. The original mapping work, led by Tim Robinson, of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and published at the end of May, was immediately put to practical use in locating large regions in South and Southeast Asia that would suit the new lethal virus. Continue reading

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The great global food crunch: Was scarce food the tinderbox for Middle East turmoil?

Ancient Egyptian cow relief (photo credit: ILRI/Elsworth). The Washington Post’s op-ed columnist Robert J. Samuelson argued yesterday that the turmoil in the Middle East is related to a global food squeeze. ‘Here’s a question about the Mideast turmoil for future historians: How much did food inflation contribute? We know some basic facts. Middle East countries … Continue reading

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Perry: Let’s celebrate the eradication of rinderpest this year, but let’s not get carried away by the ‘E’ word

Brian Perry, a former scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and a continuing collaborator with ILRI, now a visiting Professor at the University of Oxford, writes a column, ‘Our Man in Africa’,  for the Dick Vet News, of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Perry’s column in the … Continue reading

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Demand for goat products draws Filipino farmers into goat farming

Farmers in Sorsogon province (the Philippines) have recognized goat raising as environment friendly and profitable farming venture. Goats are very popular among Filipinos because they require low initial capital investment, fit the small hold farm conditions, and multiply fast,” PCARRD explained in its investment briefer. “Culturally, goats are integral to every special occasion such as … Continue reading

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Contract farming to integrate rural smallholders in markets for livestock products

This report assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of contract farming as an institution for integrating rural smallholders in markets for livestock products, using detailed reviews of particular case studies on contract farming in India, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Read more … (Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative) Continue reading