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Reducing hunger and poverty through goat ‘value chains’ in India and Mozambique

In many of the world’s dry areas, goats provide poor people with nutrition and livelihoods. An imGoats Project is working to transform the lives of goat keepers in India and Mozambique by turning their subsistence-level goat production into viable and profitable enterprises. This two-year (2011–2012) project aims to improve the performance of small ruminant value … Continue reading

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Livestock ladders for the poor in Haiti: The exhilaration of new possibilities

Participant in semi-intensive ‘cut-and-carry’ goat production model in Haiti using soil conservation fodder production plots; a man holds the first of the improved breed baby goats in a development project run by Developpement Economique pour un Environnement Durable (photo credit: Nick Hobgood’s Flickr Photostream). ‘Nearly a year after the earthquake in Haiti, more than one … Continue reading

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Here be dragons–and lions: Agricultural growth and development in Asia and Africa

Dragon head detail on a gate to the walled Citadel of Hué, the former, imperial, capital of Viet Nam from the 17th to 19th centuries and national capital until 1945. Located in the middle of the country along the Perfume River, Hué’s Citadel, like Beijing’s Forbidden City, housed only emperors and their concubines and closest … Continue reading

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AGRA to help connect Africa’s small-scale farmers to markets

A boy works at peeling a mountain of cassava in Nigeria (photo credit: ILRI/Mann). The Alliance for a Green Revolution for Africa and its partners are committing US$42 million to a markets program that will connect smallholder farmers to local, regional, and international markets, this press release reports. The markets’ program is currently overseeing US$14 … Continue reading

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Pork pathways out of poverty in Vietnam

The UK Meat Trade News Daily reports on pork pathways out of poverty in Viet Nam. ‘Low labour costs and their ability to supply buyers with freshly slaughtered meat, a form most Vietnamese continue to prefer to the chilled or frozen meat from bigger piggeries. These are the conclusions of a three-year research project led … Continue reading

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Economic losses from Rift Valley fever greater than previous documented

‘Kenya’s livestock farmers were hardest hit as a result of the death of their animals from the Rift Valley fever disease outbreak in 2006/2007, with total economic losses from livestock deaths valued at over 7.6 million US dollars, researchers revealed. ‘According to the researchers at the Market Opportunities Theme of the International Livestock Research Institute … Continue reading

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Getting wildlife and livestock value-added benefits: Part 2 of interview of veterinarian Steve Osofsky

. . . If we don’t recognize the importance of both livestock and wildlife, southern Africa is going to lose out. The following excerpts are taken from the second part of a two-part interview with Steve Osofsky, Director of Wildlife Health Policy for the Wildlife Conservation Society. ‘In Botswana, if you want to export beef … Continue reading

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Meat and markets: Can a global trade in livestock deliver southern Africa out of poverty?

Trading livestock domestically and regionally, rather than globally, offers the best route out of poverty for southern Africa, according to recent research from the STEPS Centre based at IDS. The work, funded by the Wellcome Trust’s Livestock for Life programme, looked at the beef industry in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and questioned whether … Continue reading