‘Mixing it up’ down on the farm to better adapt to climate change
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‘Mixing it up’ down on the farm to better adapt to climate change

A recent perspective piece published in Nature Climate Change by researchers Philip Thornton and Mario Herrero suggests that we still know very little about how climate change will impact these mixed farms and especially the interactions between crops and livestock. This is alarming as mixed farming systems form the backbone of smallholder production in developing countries,producing over 90% of the world’s milk supply and 80% of the meat from ruminants. Continue reading

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New ‘G-range’ tool predicts how climate change will affect rangelands, which cover 45% of the world’s surface

Scientists from Colorado State University have just put the final touches on an intersting tool called: G-Range. It’s a tool that can simulate generalized changes in rangelands through time, with simulations that may span a few to thousands of years. Continue reading