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Livestock, climate change, and nutrition: Leveraging livestock to improve livelihoods

The Livestock-Climate Change CRSPs latest program brief, “Livestock, Climate Change, and Nutrition: Leveraging Livestock to Improve Livelihoods,” describes how livestock research in West Africa, East Africa, and Central Asia is contributing to improving nutrition and health for families and communities. While agricultural production throughout the world has increased, malnutrition and poor health remain a problem … Continue reading

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Colorado, Kenyan and ILRI researchers team up to help Maasai herders adapt to climate change

Red sky over Maasai rangeland (photo credit: ILRI). From a Colorado State University press release yesterday (27 October 2010) comes the following news. Researchers from Colorado, Kenya and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Kenya are launching a project that will ultimately help Maasai livestock herders in Kenya adapt to impacts from climate change. … Continue reading