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African biosciences ‘hub’ highlighted at AAAS meeting in Vancouver

With international funding, the Biosciences eastern and central Africa Hub (BecA-ILRI Hub), based in Nairobi, Kenya, and managed by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), is enabling African and international scientists to partner on a wide range of new and exciting research programs. Most of these research programs focus on both animal and crop health … Continue reading

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Australia steps up support for research in Africa to reduce the continent’s heavy livestock disease burden

ILRI scientist Joerg Jores (right) tells German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who visited the ILRI-BecA labs in July 2011, about his livestock disease research (photo credit: ILRI/Njoroge). ‘Owning large livestock is like money in the bank for African farmers, but major diseases significantly threaten their future. ‘Among these are [peste des petits ruminants], a viral disease … Continue reading

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Australia to set up Africa-focused International Centre for Food Security

Gabrielle Persely at a March 2011 farewell seminar she gave at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), titled ‘Africa, science and agriculture: A 25-year perspective’ (photo credit: ILRI/Mungai). Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard today announced a new initiative to share Australia’s world leading expertise in food production with the people of Africa. The Government will set … Continue reading

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CSIRO research to reduce methane emissions from livestock

Australia’s CSIRO is undertaking an extensive research program focused on developing practical solutions for significantly reducing methane emissions from livestock such as sheep and cattle. Incorporating research at the cellular, animal, and landscape levels, it is working on three related projects: Microbiological research to understand methane production in the rumen and to develop biological methods for reducing this … Continue reading

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Strategic goals for livestock enterprises in the semi-arid tropics

Australia needs to invigorate its livestock enterprises in the tropics and boost its national and international agricultural services to keep up with growing demand, says expert in the research and development community. According to Dr Greg Harper, Deputy Chief of CSIRO’s Division of Livestock Industries, Australian livestock products are increasingly sought-after from both established and … Continue reading

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DNA blueprint for healthier and more efficient cows

Latest findings from the Bovine Genome Sequencing Project: Ground breaking findings by an international consortium of scientists who sequenced and analysed the bovine genome, could result in more sustainable food production. The findings, published in two reports in the journal Science today, will have a profound impact on Australia’s livestock industry. CSIRO scientists were among … Continue reading