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Misuse of antibiotics and ‘factory farming’ of animals: Alarm bells sound

‘The Spoonful of Milk’ by Marc Chagall, 1912 (via WikiPaintings). ‘. . . It is estimated that about 70% of the world’s antibiotics are fed to farm animals: the precise amount used in agriculture is poorly recorded. But what seems sure — as the number of intensively farmed animals grows — is that their use increases too, … Continue reading

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Dairy in the U.S. utterly transforms as family farms yield to mega-farms

First there were ‘family farms’, then ‘factory farms’, and now, as reported in a recent article in The Atlantic, ‘mega-farms’, which the article contrasts with family farming. Among the (astonishing) facts reported in the article regarding the speed of transformation of dairy in the United States are the following. ‘Until the 1970s, America’s milk products … Continue reading

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Large-scale American livestock farmers and animal rights activists agree to compromise

‘Concessions by farmers in this state [Ohio] to sharply restrict the close confinement of hens, hogs and veal calves are the latest sign that so-called factory farming — a staple of modern agriculture that is seen by critics as inhumane and a threat to the environment and health — is on the verge of significant … Continue reading