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GALVmed ‘Livestock 2012’ e-discussion – Ways to improve livestock development in Africa

GALVmed – the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines – just published an ‘Impetus Strategy Paper’ that  puts forward ideas on the directions Africa’s livestock sector needs to take to maximise prospects for  African livestock farmers, based on evidence and opinion from Sub Saharan Africa. To validate and extend the discussions, GALVmed has set up … Continue reading

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ILRI mass-produced vaccine to protect livestock of poor herders against cancer-like disease

Field trials of a new vaccine batch for East Coast fever produced at the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) are nearing completion; a Maasai woman from northern Tanzania holds her calf that has just been immunized against East Coast fever (picture credit: ILRI/Mann). ‘Thousands of pastoralists could be saved from destitution thanks to a … Continue reading

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Official approval for East Coast fever vaccine

A vaccine against East Coast fever – a disease which kills over 1 million cattle every year – has recently been officially registered in Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi, with Uganda also close to completing registration. This opens the way for private sector companies to take on vaccination delivery as a profit-making business. But how much … Continue reading

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Masai herders buy vaccine to protect their cattle from lethal disease

Photo credit: ILRI / Mann ‘When asked about the success of vaccination against East Coast fever (ECF) in northern Tanzania, Dr Lieve Lynen, is remarkably modest. And yet more than 500,000 animals have been vaccinated against ECF in Tanzania since 1998, largely due to the work of Lynen’s pharmaceutical company VetAgro Tanzania, which has led … Continue reading

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Protecting cattle from East Coast fever

… Every year, over one million cattle in east and southern Africa die from East Coast fever – that’s about one cow every thirty seconds. The hardship caused by the disease to livestock keepers and their families is terrible, and financially, the loss to east Africa alone is around 190 million US dollars each year. … Continue reading

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East Coast fever vaccine registered in Tanzania

In May, an East Coast fever (ECF) vaccine was registered by GALVmed in Tanzania. ECF is a tick transmitted disease which kills a million cattle every year and devastates the livelihood of those who depend on livestock for survival. Registration of the ECF vaccine is central to safety and efficacy and to securing the sustainability … Continue reading

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Keeping the Maasai farmers alive when the pop stars have all gone

The Edinburgh-based charity GALVmed has brought hope to Maasai communities in Tanzania hit by East Coast fever, a livestock disease that kills 19 out of 20 calves It is a little after dawn in the Masai district of Engarenaibor in northwestern Tanzania. Amid a pre-historic landscape of rolling grassland and acacia trees, Paolo Lemorongo, a … Continue reading