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The Gambia’s hardy native ruminant livestock surveyed in bid to improve their conservation and productivity

Although livestock play a central role in rural development in West Africa, traditional livestock systems have high death rates, low reproductive rates and low offtake rates. Furthermore, the presence of trypanosome-infected tsetse flies in the sub-humid and humid areas hurts the potential for livestock production. The region’s endemic ruminant livestock, however, are highly adapted to … Continue reading

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Gambia gets vaccine support for neglected animal disease project

The Gambia has got support of vaccine for animal diseases that are often neglected. This was disclosed to TODAY Newspaper by the director of Animal Health and Production Service at Abuko, Dr. Kebba Daffeh while speaking with our reporter in an interview. According to Dr. Daffeh, The Gambia is one of the 14 countries that … Continue reading