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Livestock research for women

If you educate a whole family it follows that a nation will be educated; women bare, sucker and most often are the prime educators of children. Many women, in the developing world, would increase their propensity to educate if they had greater access to livestock ownership and all the benefits it would inevitably produce. Recently … Continue reading

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Livestock goods and bads: ILRI annual meeting kicks off in Addis Ababa

On 15 April, ILRI staff gathered in Addis Ababa for their annual meeting. With more than 180 participants, the normally quiet campus is buzzing. More than 40 posters have been prepared for the meeting, showcasing the many different aspects of ILRI work. View them on slideshare. We have also started to upload all the presentations … Continue reading

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Livestock goods and bads: Readings

Later this month, many staff, partners and members of the board of trustees of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) will gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the institute’s annual program meeting. On the ILRI blog, Alan Duncan, chair of the organizing committee, introduces the theme of this year’s meeting: ‘Livestock: The good, the bad … Continue reading