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‘Food miles’ can be ‘false miles’ when total energy expenditures are taken into account

American science and history writer Stephen Budiansky published a tonic op-ed in the New York Times last week on the dangers of simplifying such inherently complex issues as total energy expenditures in the production, transportation and marketing of food. As his article tellingly points out (see excerpts below), making arbitrary rules about our food systems, … Continue reading

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As ‘slow food’ becomes the preoccupation of the rich, food of any kind remains the preoccupation of the poor

In the May/June 2010 issue of Foreign Policy, agricultural policy analyst Robert Paarlberg argues that the trendy food causes of rich countries, whose sustainable mantra is ‘organic, local and slow’, ‘is no recipe for saving the world’s hungry millions’. ‘Too much food production is already organic, local and slow in the developing world,’ he says. … Continue reading