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New Scientist reports on Nairobi study mapping out role of urbanization in zoonotic pathogen transmission

A study by 12 Kenyan and UK institutions, including the University of Liverpool, ILRI and the University of Nairobi, is investigating the role of urbanization in the origin and spread of zoonotic pathogens in Nairobi. Continue reading

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New Scientist’s Fred Pearce reports on ‘How African herders rid the planet of a disease’

Tom Olaka, a community animal health worker in Karamajong, northern Uganda, was part of a vaccination campaign in remote areas of the Horn of Africa that drove the cattle plague rinderpest to extinction in 2010 (photo credit: Christine Jost). Fred Pearce writes in New Scientist about How African herders rid the planet of a disease, … Continue reading

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Keeping famine at bay in the Horn of Africa

A young boy herds a flock of goats on the road to Wajir from Garissa in northeastern Kenya (photo on Flickr by Ann Weru/IRIN). Debora MacKenzie writes in New Scientist this week that low-key projects keep Horn of Africa famine at bay. ‘Drought in the Horn of Africa threatens 13 million people with starvation and is … Continue reading

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Livestock and the environment: The pendulum swings back

A recent New Scientist cover story (17-23 July 2010), What happens if we all quit eating meat? Why eating greens won’t save the world, is the latest in a string of publications over many months that suggest that more considered opinions are forming around livestock-environment issues. Rather than demonizing animal production and advocating that the world go … Continue reading