A better backyard chicken for Africa could help save the continent’s diminishing wildlife populations
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A better backyard chicken for Africa could help save the continent’s diminishing wildlife populations

The idea that the humble chicken could become a savior of wildlife will seem improbable to many environmentalists. But as the human population grows at a rate that rapidly outpaces the ability of natural habitats to feed it, a better backyard chicken could be a real hope for people and wildlife alike. Continue reading

Local wars and bad water—the real killers threatening 20 million people in not 1 but 4 drought-hit countries
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Local wars and bad water—the real killers threatening 20 million people in not 1 but 4 drought-hit countries

For the first time since anyone can remember, there is a very real possibility of four famines—in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen—breaking out at once, endangering more than 20 million lives. Continue reading

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World Food Day: On the central, enduring (and other) roles of smallholders in feeding the world (in 12 tweets/images)

We’re celebrating this World Food Day (#WFD2013) journalist Mark Bittman in a New York Times opinion piece, How to Feed the World (14 Oct 2013), on the central and enduring value of smallholder farming in feeding the world sustainably. Read the whole article. It’s very good. We’ve added some of our favourite artworks, all (kindly) made … Continue reading

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As meat eating rises in India, sacred cows are sacred no more to cattle rustlers and slaughterhouses

An Indian woman and cow on the steps of a temple (photo on Flickr by Marsh Gardiner, earth2marsh). As reported in the New York Times this week, a fundamental, if largely unspoken, cultural shift is occurring in India, where more and more Hindus, many of whom were vegetarian, as well as people rising out of … Continue reading

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Reframing the pastoral narrative: Ancient mobile herding strategies to make a comeback in a hotter world

Fulani boy in Niger herds his family’s animals (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann). Mobility to unlock scattered food, feed, water and other scarce and scattered essential resources is a human strategy as old as humankind itself—and one that remains key for pastoral livestock herders the world over. As the world warms and its natural resources become ever scarcer, it would … Continue reading

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Empower women to tend farms, families, high-level science careers — Nature and NYT

Fisherwoman, by B Prabha, 1960 (via Blake Gopnik’s Daily Pic in the Daily Beast). Whether female scientists will want to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March may depend on how far they look back in time. Things have changed, and if you talk in terms of decades, there are considerable victories to cheer about. … Continue reading

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India fights curbs on livestock-generated greenhouse gas emissions at Doha

Girdhai Lal Jat herds his cattle through the village of Nagar, in Tonk District, Rajasthan, India, to water (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann). ‘At the United Nations climate talks in Doha this week, India opposed any move that would require developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. ‘With an estimated 485 million cattle, goat, … Continue reading

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The ecology of disease: NYT cites ILRI study in report on rising threat of wildlife diseases transmitted to people

Illustration by Olaf Hajek, in The New York Times Sunday Review: ‘The Ecology of disease’, 14 Jul 2012. Jim Robbins in The New York Times Sunday Review today writes about the ways breakdowns in the world’s ecosystems can ‘come back to haunt us in ways we  know little about. . . . Multimedia Graphic Hot … Continue reading

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Exporting American livestock genetics to China: Grain to follow?

Min piglets at the experimental station at the Institute for Animal Science, in Beijing, China (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann). America is breeding farm animals for China, Reuters and the New York Times report, to supply China with more meat. ‘. . . In a country where pork is a staple, the demand for a protein-rich … Continue reading