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National Geographic features global human population growth

National Geographic magazines (photo credit: Chris Nixon’s photostream on Flickr). The January 2011 issue of National Geographic has an informative feature article and photo gallery about the growth of world population, which is expected to reach seven billion before the end of this (new) year. ‘By 2050 the total number [world’s population] could reach 10.5 … Continue reading


Ethan Zuckerman on Jason Clay (on TEDGlobal) on a sustainable future

Ethan Zuckerman (photo credit: Joi Ito). Blogger Ethan Zuckerman and Harvard research on internet and society took the following among other notes of a TED Talk by Jason Clay, of the World Wildlife Fund. ‘Human beings are currently using 1.3 planets worth of resources for consumption. Yes, population growth is important, but so is the … Continue reading

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The sustainability problem: Is it too many people? Or too much consumption by a few?

The following statements are excerpted from All consuming, an article by David Biello on global consumption and population issues published in the current issue of  Momentum, published by the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. > ‘Two German Shepherds kept as pets in Europe or the U.S. use more resources in a year … Continue reading