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New FAO book spells out rationale, priorities for investing in livestock development to reduce poverty

A new FAO study reports that more than 85 per cent of poor livestock keepers in sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty; here, at a Toureg encampment near Fakara, in Niger, a boy herds a prized animal, and asset, of his family (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann). A new book on the intersection of poverty reduction … Continue reading

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Prospects for small-scale dairying

Since 2003, the Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Farm Comparison Network have been compiling and analyzing information on dairy sector development and dairy household economics over a wide range of countries across the globe. This book brings these studies together and provides a … Continue reading

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Livestock sector policies and programs in developing countries: A menu for practitioners

Interventions to strengthen the livestock sector in the developing world help reduce poverty and hunger because hundreds of millions of rural households rely heavily on livestock to sustain their livelihoods. Farm animals generate opportunities for on- and off-farm employment and provide important supplements to the cereal-based diets of the less well-to-do. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Barriers to market entry, poor livestock producers and public policy

The main aim of this study is to provide an analytical framework for the assessment of barriers to market access for poor livestock producers that can be used for the development of public policy that works to the advantage of those poor producers that attempt to enter specific product markets. The paper proceeds to demonstrate … Continue reading

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Accessibility mapping and rural poverty in the Horn of Africa

This working paper has been prepared jointly for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development Livestock Policy Initiative (IGAD LPI) and the Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative (PPLPI). The work described in this paper contributes towards making available standardised spatial data to help analyse policy options, to target policy interventions and to evaluate their impact – contributing to … Continue reading

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Contract farming to integrate rural smallholders in markets for livestock products

This report assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of contract farming as an institution for integrating rural smallholders in markets for livestock products, using detailed reviews of particular case studies on contract farming in India, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Read more … (Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative) Continue reading