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Feeding the world without levelling the forest

Romosinuano cattle grazing in South America (picture credit: ILRI/Edwin Perez) A July 2010 article in the leading science journal Nature highlights the gains Brazil is making in its agricultural productivity. ‘With its plentiful sun, water and land, Brazil is quickly surpassing other countries in food production and exports. But can it continue to make agricultural … Continue reading

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Monitoring rangeland health: A guide for pastoralist communities in Eastern Africa

Funded by USAID-East Africa, this guide is written for people who want to design and implement a simple rangeland monitoring programme in eastern Africa. The guide outlines a series of steps that will enable community members and other land managers to decide what, where, when, and how to monitor, as well as how to interpret … Continue reading

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Rangeland management must listen to locals

South Africa must build bottom-up needs-based policies for communal livestock grazing. ‘Nothing about us without us!’ It’s a popular slogan in development work and one that agricultural policymakers should embrace to ensure their decisions address rural communities’ needs. Recent experience with communal cattle keeping in South Africa is again providing valuable lessons on why and … Continue reading

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Optimal long-term stocking rates for livestock grazing in a Sahelian rangeland

A recent paper in the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics presents a model for calculating the optimal livestock stocking rate in a semi-arid rangeland that accounts for stochastic rainfall, the ecological feedback effect and variable prices. The model is developed for rangelands dominated by annual rather than perennial grasses, such as the African … Continue reading

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Pakistan: First-ever national rangeland policy on the cards

The long wait spanning more than 62 years for having the national rangeland policy is almost over. Alarmed by the rangelands and pastures’ degradation and adverse impacts of climate change on them coupled with growing loss of biodiversity, the Ministry of Environment has finally come up with a draft strategy to ensure sustainable development and … Continue reading

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Aussies researching super-grass pastures

Australian researchers plan to launch a genetically-engineered “super-grass” by 2013, claiming that cows grazing on it will produce up to 20 per cent more milk. The GE ryegrass – being developed in Australia for New Zealand seed company PGG Wrightson – has potential to make a huge difference to agriculture, according to the chief executive … Continue reading

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Report says grasslands can help combat climate change

A new report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says grasslands have vast untapped potential to limit climate change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. The report says proper land use can also help one billion people who depend on livestock. The United Nations report says if pastures and rangelands are properly managed, … Continue reading