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Fodder adoption to enhance the livelihoods of poor livestock keepers: Lessons from a three-country study

Feed scarcity in smallholder systems is a key constraint to improved livestock production in developing countries. However, development efforts which have taken a narrow technology-focused approach to dealing with feed scarcity have had limited success. The IFAD-supported ‘Fodder Adoption Project’  ran between 2007 and 2010 and aimed to address issues around inadequate livestock fodder at … Continue reading

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IFAD to help boost dairy production in Syria

A new US$73.13 million IFAD-supported project will help reduce poverty mainly in marginal dry areas of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Integrated Livestock Development Project will benefit around 311,000 poor rural households: small sheep, cattle and buffalo holders; small milk producers, collectors and processors living in poverty-stricken seasonal settlements in the Badia and in settled … Continue reading

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Fodder adoption blog from ILRI

Alan Duncan – leader of the IFAD-funded ‘Fodder Adoption Project’ at ILRI just launched a new blog to report on activities and developments in the project. Visit the blog at Sign up for a regular update by email   Continue reading