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Keeping cows in the city, chickens under the bed: ‘The Atlantic’ magazine explores Africa’s urbanization

Butcher shop in a slum in Kawangare, Nairobi, Kenya (picture on Flickr by Brad Ruggles). It’s not only people who are rapidly urbanizing in Africa: people migrating from rural areas are bringing their livelihoods with them, which in Africa largely means their cattle, goats, sheep, chickens and pigs. A scientific report from researchers based in … Continue reading

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Dairy scientists of the genomics age: How big data transformed the dairy industry

Holstein-Friesian cow, Biggle cow book, Philadelphia, W Atkinson Co., 1898 (photo on Flickr by Biodiversity Heritage Library). Dairy scientists are the Gregor Mendels of the genomics age, developing new methods for understanding the link between genes and living things, all while quadrupling the average cow’s milk production since your parents were born. ‘While there are … Continue reading

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Dairy in the U.S. utterly transforms as family farms yield to mega-farms

First there were ‘family farms’, then ‘factory farms’, and now, as reported in a recent article in The Atlantic, ‘mega-farms’, which the article contrasts with family farming. Among the (astonishing) facts reported in the article regarding the speed of transformation of dairy in the United States are the following. ‘Until the 1970s, America’s milk products … Continue reading