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Bringing agriculture and health back together

Agriculture and health experts must work together to tackle disease, poverty and malnutrition, says development expert Jeff Waage. The relationship between agriculture and health may seem intuitive and simple — grow more crops and people will have more food and live healthier lives. But because agriculture and health policies are rarely coordinated, the reality is … Continue reading

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UN role in fighting climate change, poverty and environmental degradation named for Australian former prime minister Kevin Rudd

‘Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has been appointed to an unpaid part-time position on a “high-level” United Nations panel tackling global sustainability issues. ‘Mr Rudd last month confirmed he had been approached by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to become involved with the United Nations project. ‘The appointment would require Mr Rudd to attend three meetings … Continue reading

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Kenya: Rich nations should help the poor in climate change

We’ve discussed research indicating that eating a less meat-intensive diet could reduce our contribution to global climate change as well as increase life expectancy by reducing heart disease risk. This is based on the reality that farming practices in wealthy nations are resource intensive, producing green house gasses in any number of ways. The fatty … Continue reading

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Don’t blame cows for climate change

Despite oft-repeated claims by sources ranging from the United Nations to music star Paul McCartney, it is simply not true that consuming less meat and dairy products will help stop climate change, says a University of California authority on farming and greenhouse gases. UC Davis Associate Professor and Air Quality Specialist Frank Mitloehner says that … Continue reading

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Green revolution with a capital G is needed to feed the world: Cutting food losses from farm to kitchen and converting wastes into animal feeds a key opportunity

A seven point plan to reduce the risk of hunger and rising food insecurity in the 21st century is outlined in new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Changing the ways in which food is produced, handled and disposed of across the globe – from farm to store and from fridge to landfill … Continue reading