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East African women battling livestock diseases win prestigious AWARD Fellowships

Announcement of AWARD Fellowship winners of 2011: Nairobi

Lillian Wambua, a 2011 African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) fellowship winner working at ILRI, announced 18 August 2011 (photo credit: ILRI/ Njiru).

‘The African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (Award) yesterday named three East African women among 70 brilliant African researchers who have won its 2011 Award Fellowship.

‘. . . Catherine Sakala is one of the three Tanzanians listed among winners of the prestigious Award. She is a tse-tse fly control biologist with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development and expects that the skills she gains through the Award will help advance her research work.

‘“Trypanosomiasis is considered to be one of the most important constraints to rural development in Africa and Zambia is no exception,” said Sakala. “I’m involved in trying to prevent the disease through the most environmentally friendly methods available. As an Award Fellow, I look forward to meeting other researchers in this area,” she noted. . . .

These talented women are conducting critical agricultural researches which is needed to feed Africa’s people and help mitigate crises like we are seeing in East Africa right now. We are recognising and supporting these women today with the Award Fellowship,” said Award director Vicki Wilde.’

‘. . . “My parents paid for my primary education by selling a cattle or a goat, so I know from experience that livestock is the cornerstone of people’s livelihood in rural Africa,” said Dr Lillian Wambua, a Kenyan molecular geneticist at the University of Nairobi’s School of biological sciences and one of this year’s Award winners.

‘“Diseases are the greatest challenges to livestock farmers. As an Award and upcoming researcher, my goal is to use my scientific skills to collaborate with like-minded researchers in finding lasting solutions to secure healthy herds,” she explained.

‘Wambua is one of the 2,200 female scientists from 450 institutions to have applied for one of the 250 fellowships in 2008. . . .

Read the whole article at IPPMedia: Three Tanzanian women named among best African researchers, 20 Aug 2011.

Error: The original post misstated that Lillian Wambua is Tanzanian when she is Kenyan; this error has been corrected above.

One thought on “East African women battling livestock diseases win prestigious AWARD Fellowships

  1. Cathrine sakala is surely not a tanzanian but a zambian. good for her and Zambia. we need such scientists

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