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Zambia formulates livestock development and animal health project

The proposed project will support the government in improving the productivity of key production systems, namely meat and milk from cattle and small ruminants, and poultry sector. It will specifically strengthen the veterinary services (public and private) to better control major animal diseases and improve food safety. It will also tackle other identified constraints by supporting productive investments (infrastructure, equipment, and technologies) and improving access to advisory and extension services for the producers and their organizations. This will directly lead to productivity improvements in the smallholder livestock sector. The project will support the rehabilitation of animal health and veterinary services by the provision of equipment, rehabilitation or construction of critical public and community infrastructure and skills training of front line animal production and veterinary staff. IDA support will cover the major animal rearing provinces including Eastern, Southern and Western Provinces and the designated Disease Free Zone if the cost benefit analysis will deem this feasible.

Read more … (World Bank)

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