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Saudi livestock market requirements, implications for Somaliland

Livestock are the backbone of the Somaliland economy accounting for about 60% of the country’s gross domestic product, 70% of employment opportunities and 85% of export earnings, and about 15% of total government revenue. Despite being Somaliland’s biggest livestock export market, little is known about marketing channels, grading and pricing of Somaliland livestock in Saudi Arabia. A recent research report, sheds a light on these key issues and how they affect Somaliland exporters. Continue reading

Greenhouse gas emissions from African cattle excreta less than estimated
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Greenhouse gas emissions from African cattle excreta less than estimated

Using the state-of-the-art laboratory established in 2015 in Nairobi called the Mazingira Center, scientists are measuring greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in Africa, key to improving the accuracy of emissions data for both national reporting and mitigation. Already, scientists found that Tier 1 emission factors established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) overestimate both methane and nitrous oxide emissions from cattle excreta, given typical smallhoder practices in Eastern Africa. Continue reading

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Protecting cattle against East Coast fever to boost dairy production in western Kenya

Since early 2016, AVCD dairy has been working to facilitate farmers’ awareness on the availability and access to ECF vaccines. ILRI has partnered with the county government to expand the distributional reach of the vaccine and improve vaccine delivery. Continue reading

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In Ethiopia, collaboration by CGIAR and national partners is delivering integrated development solutions

Within the wider CGIAR phase 2 portfolio development process, ‘site integration’ and country coordination plans are being developed by CGIAR centres and their partners and stakeholders in 20 developing countries. The aim is to ensure that CGIAR efforts contribute to national, as well as international, priorities and goals and ensure that the CGIAR programs and centres coordinate their efforts in each country. Continue reading

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Easing bottlenecks to uptake of dairy farming in western Kenya

Through the recently launched Feed the Future Kenya Accelerating Value Chain Development (AVCD) Program, ILRI has partnered with county governments and other actors to promote dairy production in western Kenya. Continue reading