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Livestock, climate change, and nutrition: Leveraging livestock to improve livelihoods

The Livestock-Climate Change CRSPs latest program brief, “Livestock, Climate Change, and Nutrition: Leveraging Livestock to Improve Livelihoods,” describes how livestock research in West Africa, East Africa, and Central Asia is contributing to improving nutrition and health for families and communities.

While agricultural production throughout the world has increased, malnutrition and poor health remain a problem for many in the developing world. This “hidden hunger” affects one in three children in developing countries, causing stunting and reducing cognitive abilities.  Livestock can be a tool in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Animal-source foods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and protein important for people of all ages.

Livestock can also serve as a “pathway out of poverty”–a pathway to greater income and security that can also bolster householder resources and enable investment into a more diversified diet and higher quality foods.

Read more … (Livestock-Climate Change CRSP)

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