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New presentations on pastoral issues in the Horn of Africa

The following three slide presentations were presented this August (2011) by scientists working at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), in Nairobi, Kenya, on topics related to sustaining pastoral production systems in the Horn of Africa.

In light of the drought ravaging Kenya’s north and the drylands of other countries of Africa’s Horn, the results of work of these early-career scientists are already proving useful for better long-term planning.

Ecosystem services of floodplain grasslands: Defining fodder production in the Tana Delta, by Crystèle Léauthaud.

Changing Maasailand: Governance, land use and livelihoods transformation among East African pastoralists, by Dickson ole Kaelo.

Payments to promote biodiversity conservation and implications for poverty reduction among pastoral communities in East Africa, by Philip Osano.

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