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Reducing the vulnerability of Somali livestock communities through capacity development and enhanced market access

An ILRI project in Somalia aims to strengthen local capacity to mobilize and use knowledge from Somali livestock research in decision making. It also aims to enhance the capacities of public and private sectors to improve livestock products’ marketing and safety. Continue reading

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Ethiopia national, international researchers explore deeper collaboration

On 4 and 5 December 2014, the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR) and CGIAR institutes in Ethiopia organized a special consultative meeting to ‘strengthen EARS-CGIAR partnerships for effective agricultural transformation in Ethiopia’. Continue reading

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Driving livestock development through multidisciplinary systems research: An impact narrative

Scaling up transdisciplinary research so that a systems approach can be applied by more and more scientists could make a huge contribution to development in smallholder farming. Continue reading

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Ethiopia livestock master plan presents roadmaps for growth and transformation

The master plan, which ILRI contributed to, is based on a qualitative and fact-based livestock sector model and analysis. The new plan will see improvement in Ethiopia’s poultry breeds and forages and the creation and maintenance of a livestock population database in the country. Continue reading